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Podium 4Life is a youth mindset and mental health charity. In the past we have hosted free educational lectures with PhD Sports Psychologists as well as functional medical doctors and other guests to shed light on and educate our youth on mental health in a community based environment. More recently we have hosted a charity golf tournament to raise awareness as well as raise funds to be allocated to supporting families ensure their child stays active and healthy. We are proud to be able to offer upto $250/annually per individual. Whether we help with the costs of registration for a sports team or camp, or we help provide music/art lessons we are glad to be a part of your journey. 

Our Mission

Through social collaboration, we raise money, allocating it to local youth, to ensure equal opportunity in sport and activity.

Our Vision

Every child has a chance to participate in sport & activity, no matter the circumstances.

          108 Waltham Rd D, Brockville, ON

          K6V 7K3



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