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Zach benson

Coach Zach's vision has always been clear, to help those who want to better themselves physically and mentally through coaching and educating. Heavily involved in youth sport and development, Zach is focused on helping his clients maintain health throughout their lifespan. Zach has spent time coaching youth football through the BYFA and RYFL and running youth conditioning camps for all athletes. Zach was also the Bishop's University Women's Rugby Strength and Conditioning coach in his final year of his undergrad, while also performing original research on female athletes and jump performance. Zach currently works with a plethora of University athletes, aspiring University athletes, as well as lifestyle development clients looking to live a higher quality life. WE ARE HERE 4ALL.   


Online Coaching

4Life Fitness offers individualized plans catering to all life styles and goals. Through top-notch, innovative coaching paired with monthly education we are committed to providing an unparalleled service to exceed your expectations on your fitness journey.

Plans range from $150-$350/month

Book a consult with head coach Zach Benson to get set up!


CLient Testimonials

Jody Delorme- "At a time when my son Jayden really needed someone to help him get back to the sport he loved after an injury Zach was there. Jayden broke his leg and when the cast came off he wasn't the same athletically. Zach somehow knew exactly what to do. He worked tirelessly with Jayden and pushed him to see things in himself as a person and as an athlete that he didn't before. Jayden came back to his sport better than he was before the injury and learned about what he needed to do with his body to keep it in the physical conditioning necessary. He continues to work with Zach several years after this and is now becoming the best version of himself because of Zach. He has received offers from several Canadian and U.S. prep schools and has drawn early interest from several USPORT's programs. If ever there was someone I would trust with my sons goals and my own when it comes to being the healthiest and most fit version of ourselves it is Zach. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do!"

Mary Davis- "Had some parents asking me about what you do and how much will the athletes gain. I told them you did wonders for both Skylar and Keegan. That their son or daughter will not be disappointed and will learn so much from you. I went on to tell them how much you helped Keegan in believing in himself and that he could do whatever he wanted to do. Zach you do an amazing job with all the kids and I wish you all the best on your new business.

4Life Fitness

Exercise & Nutrition Coaching

Brockville, ON

Tel: 613-803-3828

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